I want to start out today by sharing a powerful message from a friend of mine….
I’m paid big bucks by teams in the National Football League to work with their players to take their performance to the next level.
When I walk into a team meeting, there are around fifty-three elite athletes who collectively represent over $105 million dollars in annual salary. Totally absurd!
What would you say to them?
The good news is that the same thing that motivates them is the same thing that motivates you and me: expectations.
At these meetings I ask an assistant coach and a captain of the team to come to the front of the room and hold a broomstick twelve inches off the floor.
Before the meeting I get the name of the most naturally gifted athlete on the team—the guy who can jump thirty-eight inches high. And, for the record, every one of the thirty-two teams in the NFL has a player on their roster who can jump thirty-eight inches high!
I then ask this superstar to come forward and face the broomstick. I would ask him if he thinks he can jump over the twelve-inch-high broomstick. He doesn’t move and glares at me like I am out of my mind.
So I change the question….
“Will you jump over this twelve-inch-high broomstick?”
Reluctantly he hops over the bar, and this is when the motivational teaching begins.
I ask him, “Why did you only jump twelve inches high when you and your teammates know you can jump thirty-eight inches high?”
And the answer is always the same: “Because that is all you asked me to do!”
I want to ask you… How high is your bar set for 2016?
Everybody with whom you live, play, study, worship, and work knows how high your bar is because they see it every day.
Only you know how high it should be.
Only you know if you are pushing yourself to your ultimate capacity and potential as a human being—physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.
As a company we are raising our bar to the full “38 inches” for 2016.
Over the last week of December, I encourage you to start asking yourself just how high are you willing to raise your bar in 2016?
You will be surprised just how high you can jump when you raise your bar!
We are just getting started!
With all of the momentum that we have created this year, 2016 is going to absolutely HUGE!
Get all the training and mentorship you need here to raise the bar to your fullest potential for 2016 and Beyond.
God Bless 🙂
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