If you want to succeed you must be different from the masses.
Don’t be afraid to assert your true personality.
Don’t ever forget that you are a unique individual.
As soon as you conform to everyone else, you are denying your true personality and virtually denying yourself the opportunity to grow.
Although society has done an excellent job of turning most of us into clones by eliminating differences and personal aspirations in the butt, a tiny little inner voice nevertheless survives within each of us.
Timid and Worried, it whispers to us that our public images are false, that our genuine personalities are hidden and unexpressed.
Frustration, sadness, and in some cases, a feeling of being dead inside, are some of the experiences we lay upon ourselves.
The fear of being different and the need to conform is false and destructive.
It’s not something we were born with.
Here are 5 powerful affirmations to help you become your own uniqueness.
Read these affirmations aloud twice a day with full faith every day for thirty days.
There is power in your WORDS!

  • Day after day I am asserting my true personality more and more.
  • I am unique and feel completely free to express my desire to succeed.
  • It is my right and duty to be myself.
  • The success I achieve will be in keeping with the extent to which I assert myself.
  • I am asserting myself more and more in all areas of my life.
  • Every day I am increasing my self worth ten fold and becoming more and more successful.
  • I am a successful and powerful leader.

Repeating these affirmations on a daily basis will develop courage.
The opposite of courage is not cowardice, the opposite of courage is conformity.
Be Yourself 🙂
Dare to Win!
Have a Blessed Day….