Dream so big that you scare yourself!
As you are building the foundation for your dream, there will likely be, several family members and close friends that will try to discourage you in their conversations with, or about you.
That kind of discouragement is “planting seeds of doubt.”
The worst part of it is, they actually think they’re helping you!
In all honesty, they may be well intentioned but, their fears are based on the failings or stumbles of their past.
That was them, it’s not you!
Their mistakes were theirs to make.
You have to decide whether you want to shrink from your goal in fear or, if you want to march toward your goal, knowing you may stumble here and there but, ultimately, you’re going to make that BIG dream your reality!
Do not allow their average mindsets to limit you.
Surround yourself with the dreamers and the believers, and soon you’ll be strong enough to persevere in the midst of any obstacle.
Your belief in your purpose will propel you to greatness!
Be ready, this is not a task for the weak or the average.
This is a road taken only by those who have chosen to live a life of greatness!
Are you ready to take action?
If it was easy, everybody would do it.
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