It’s all about living one day at a time. I remember a good friend telling me that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and day is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.
I love that saying 🙂
Do you often find yourself living in the past or thinking about the future?
Perhaps you harbor a few regrets about the past or maybe you’re frequently looking forward to a holiday, a vacation, or some other special event.
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When you hang on to the past or anticipate the future, you’re not doing the most important thing you could be doing which is capitalizing on right now this present moment.
The present moment is the only time for fulfillment and happiness. Each present moment is where ALL of your opportunities lie.
Stop wasting so many of your present moments, and start living a more fulfilling and energized life.
I hope you’re living in the present and making the most out of this gift which is today.
Drop a comment below and tell me what you’re doing to capitalize on today.
Have a Blessed Day!
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