strong>Do you live life by default or by design?
Living by DEFAULT means that you don’t have any specific dreams for your future and so, you just kind of float through life and let things happen to you.
Living by DESIGN means that you know exactly who you are your
purpose and what you want for your future. You have a plan on how to get to your destination, and you take consistent action on it.
While living by default is a recipe for mediocrity and dissatisfaction, living by design makes you feel ALIVE!
Countless people today are disappointed with the way their lives are going. Although they truly believe they were created for a divine purpose, deep in their hearts, they wonder what is so great about knowing God?
Do you have a reason for being, a focused sense of purpose in your life? Or is your life the product of shifting resolutions and the myriad pulls of forces outside yourself? Do you want to go beyond success to significance?
Living Life by Design comes down to discovering God’ purpose for your life, and learning to live it.
It’s about finding what makes you re-energized everyday, and developing a design that works for you in every area of life.
Have you taken the time to take a look at your life and how it’s been unfolding?
Drop a comment below and let me know what you’re doing to live life by design.
Have a Blessed Day 🙂
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