This 29 Minute Webinar Could Change Your Life – 33,000 Members in 18 Months & in 33 Countries! Guaranteed 5 Year Retirement Plan in Writing – Instructors & Coaching at No Cost & Access To People That Watch This Same Webinar!

Team Omega Ensures Network Marketers Achieve Financial Security Now and In the Future with a No-Fail Opportunity, Unprecedented Business Development Support, and a Guaranteed Retirement Plan!

Too many talented would-be entrepreneurs throw in the towel before they have the chance to succeed due to tech and lead generation inexperience, and uncertainty regarding present and future finances.

Enter #TeamOmega.


I’m a serial entrepreneur with a track record of wins in the tech, sales and multi-level marketing arenas, is introducing a new program to give these same individuals access to the tools and training to ensure a reliable income, And best of all a Guaranteed Five-Year Retirement Plan in writing.

We are rallying marketers around an opportunity with a health care company that over the past 18 months has experienced rapid and accelerating membership and geographical growth.

The company, being coined the “Luxury Brand” of network marketing offers wellness products associated with sleep, energy and skin health, is aggressively expanding its online distribution channels and providing marketers with access to advanced tech to allow seamless business management at home and on-the-go.  

“Studies show 95 percent of network marketers fail because they attempt to build a business on the backs of friends, family and colleagues who they count on for sales.

That is not only unsustainable, it is a recipe for certain failure!

Each of the men and women who join his Team Omega at an “Ambassador” level or above are assigned a professional mentor instructor with broad online marketing expertise.

The instructors offer business development and guidance and instruction in how to boost online traffic.

At no cost.


We not only help Team Omega to become savvy marketers, we literally provide them with as many leads as they want to achieve their individual income goals.

We also are available to our team members whenever they need us.

Their success is our ultimate goal and we do what it takes to get them where they want to be.

Best of all, our team is guaranteed a more secure future via a 5 Year retirement plan offered in writing – something that is unprecedented in this industry and never to be found in corporate America!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can earn a living working from home on our own terms.

The direct sales industry is seeing unprecedented growth because enterprising individuals are taking control of their own destinies.

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