New Kid On The Block WineGoesMLM is Giving Liquor & Wine Stores a Run for Their Money
 Wine Stores
We all love wine. In fact, most nights of the week our editors sip a glass or two to wind down after work. The liquor store nearest us doesn’t always have the best selection, or the best prices for that matter. They have limited shelf space, and store employees don’t always recommend bottles we’ll enjoy. Liquor stores are focused on volume and margin (it’s not their fault rent is expensive) leaving many people reaching for the yellow-labeled bottle with the kangaroo they stick in the front of the store. But WineGoesMLM seeks to change that.

WineGoesMLM, the fastest growing wine club in the nation, is changing how wine is sold.
Think of it like the movie industry: where do you go to rent a movie, and who gives you your movie recommendations?
If you’re anything like me, you look forward to your Netflix and snacks every night.
You no longer run out to the video store to ask the store employee for movie picks.
Likewise, new technology has penetrated the wine industry.
WineGoesMLM’s wine recommendation makes informed wine selections for you (based on hand selected premium wines from around the world), and ships right to your door—bottles that come with free shipping and no club setup fees.

Here’s how it works. When you sign up for WineGoesMLM, the company sends you either our 2 bottle or 4 bottle selections of either all red, all white or a combination of both. This is where the all the fun begins. WineGoesMLM makes informed wine selections for you based on a three year track record with over a 90% reorder rate. You get to experience 24 different wines from around the world that you typically would not have access too. It’s that simple, included with each wine shipment is straightforward tasting notes that point out what regions they come from and even the foods with which they pair well.

Soon thereafter, you’ll receive a 2-bottles or 4-bottles of hand selected premium wines. The club ships you these wines monthly. You can easily customize your shipment date(s), size, and contents on the site. I have yet to receive a bottle of wine that I did not enjoy.
Plus, every bottle comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever receive a wine that doesn’t match your taste preferences, we’ll replace it.

I doubt any liquor or wine store would provide you with another bottle if you didn’t end up liking the one they recommended.
It’s well worth it at just 49.95 for our 2 bottle club and 79.95 for our 4 bottle club to join (FREE SHIPPING, TAX & HANDELING FEES), and you can cancel at anytime.
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