The Habit of Routine….
If you happen to be like most people, there are very likely a number of activities you are involved with every day, which are becoming monotonous.
These of course are habitual, routine activities that you are called upon to do each day, some of which you may not even enjoy performing.
Well, don’t despair because there is ways you can add a shot of enthusiasm to these activities, which will, in turn, add pleasure to your work.
Yule Brenner played the role of the King of Siam thousands of times on stage, repeating the same lines over and over, night after night.
Every time he stepped onto the stage he fascinated and inspired his audience with a magnificent performance.
“You become great by doing little things in a great way every day”.
I know for a fact that if you make that principle a habit, as many true professionals have done, you will be milestones ahead of the masses.
Start today!
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