The Power of Live Team Masterminds
No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible, intangible force that may be likened to a third mind.
You may have noticed many times that by discussing something with another person you suddenly get good ideas as a result of the discussion, ideas you would not have gotten without this association.
Well, the same thing happens to the other person.
A lot of good ideas have been born in individual minds as a result of having met in committee.
Associating with your mastermind alliance is not meant as a means of letting others do your thinking for you, far from it.
It is meant to stimulate your own thinking through the association with other minds.
No one knows everything.
The more sympathetic minds you get together that is, minds working for a common purpose the more related information is going to be available.

Great ideas are a combination of related information.
Pick the members of your mastermind group with care.
Make sure they’re people you respect and who are hard working and conscientious.
You’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll reach your goals just that much sooner.
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Have a Blessed Day 🙂