Have you ever felt that despondent feeling when you can’t get to grips with something, or you don’t understand what the manual is trying to tell you?

Be it technology, writing, running, communication or social media, we all struggle with certain things from time to time.

In sports, it is easy to make a presumption that Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Bryce Harper, and other superb athletes, are naturally gifted and must have had special coding in their DNA, as if they were born to succeed at their chosen sport!

However, if you delve into the book ‘Bounce’, by Matthew Syed he discussed some of the findings from Herbert Simon, a cognitive scientist. He explains that what looks like talent is actually a consequence of years of practice.

Boom! There is hope for us all to become successful experts in the world of technology, internet marketing, blog writing, video production, and everything else that is almost a mandatory part of running a business these days.

Today, with all the incredible scientific research and use of latest technology studying the deepest areas of the brain, we have begun to question more about talent and success, and what makes us tick.

While much research has been done at the elite sporting level, we can map some of the it across to our daily lives, so we too can feel like we are born to succeed at anything we choose to focus on.

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Brett Hudson

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