Wine Ambassador Goes MLM

Over the years, I’ve run into so many potentially successful people who are literally frozen-like-a-deer-in-the-headlights by their desire to succeed.

They know they want to start a business, so they do the research: they collect information, they attend seminars, they spend their hard-earned money on books and tools – but they NEVER actually cross the line into action. Why?

Some people think it’s inertia.

You know, Newton’s first law.

The tendency to remain at rest if at rest, or to remain in motion if in motion.

There may be something to that.

But having been there myself, I think there’s a ‘dazed and confused’ factor going on as well.

Dazzled by the opportunities of paradise.

Not knowing which option to pick, or which steps to take first

Fragmented by an overabundance of information.

Looking for just the right opportunity, not wanting to move until you’re sure you’re making the perfect choice.

Yup, the deer-in-the-headlights phenomenon.

Rather than making a mistake, these would-be tycoons without a success blueprint just keep shopping.

They remain frozen…

… At best, planning for and dreaming of a success that never comes.

It’s tragic.

Because Newton’s Law also suggests that once an object starts moving, it picks up steam, builds momentum, and becomes almost impossible to stop.

You can ride momentum all the way to the top.

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Talk soon,
Brett Hudson