Wine Goes MLM in United Kingdom
Direct Cellars is a premium wine club that has seen massive success in the USA and has officially launched into the United Kingdom, before continuing our expansion across Europe.
I am currently looking for seasoned leaders and influencers to join our amazing leadership team.
If you understand the importance of timing and positioning, you will know that this is absolutely the best time to join us.
If you have an interest and have had success before, but perhaps your team hasn’t been able to duplicate or you maybe haven’t had the success that you feel that you deserve, then take a look at what we are doing.
I am working with six and seven figure Network Marketing earners who are leaders in this field and also with people who have never been involved in networking before who are experiencing great success with us.
Direct Cellars does not manufacture its wine, they simply distribute it from 2,000 small boutique wineries from all around the world.
Each month it’s like Christmas… You never know what region or what selection has been made for you, but with a 95% reorder rate, you can bet that the WINE will taste Amazing!
The Tea can change, the Shake can have something added or removed, the Capsule can be altered to lose its efficacy, BUT we cannot “un-Merlot” the Merlot, we cannot “less Chardonnay” the Chardonnay.
Therefore, a product that is already currently enjoyed DAILY by hundreds of millions of people around the world will continue to be enjoyed because an owner of a networking company cannot change the core product.
Plus we know it works – drink the wine and it will work!
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Don’t miss out on this AMAZING opportunity .
If you are in the UK or USA, I look forward to hearing from you!
Brett Hudson - Master Cellar
Brett Hudson – Master Cellar
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