Hosting Your First Wine Social Event

Wine Corks

Now here you are at your first Wine Ambassador Social Event.

There is some delicious grub on the table and everyone is eager to get going.

To start, have your leader walk everyone through the basics of tasting wine, and then start tasting.

One thing we learned after our first meeting: do not pour everyone full-size glasses of wine during your tasting!

It’s smarter to pour smaller portions, 2 ounces is standard, so you can drink through the bottles, have your conversation and then finish up the night with the remainders from each bottle.

Go through each bottle of wine and let the person who brought it share why they like the wine as well as few little facts that they picked up from the wine merchant who sold them the bottle (or from a little internet research).

Once you’ve tasted each bottle, have the group vote on their favorite and let the winner choose the next theme.

(Theme ideas can be found at the end of this post.)

Your Next Wine Social And Beyond

Empty Wine Bottles

Once you’ve selected your wine event theme, have your leader do some basic research on the theme and ask the person who selected the theme to help them.

This doesn’t need to be anything too extensive!

Just a little background history to get the conversation flowing.

Follow the same routine as the first club: have each member pick a bottle that matches the theme and ask their wine ambassador upline for a few facts.

The bottle can be something they’ve researched beforehand or something that the wine ambassador upline recommended.

Whatever works for them!

As each bottle is tasted, the person who brought it will share their knowledge and the group can discuss the wine.

I don’t want to offer any specifics as to the flow of conversation, because it should go wherever the group wants it to go — it depends on the interests (and attention span) of the individuals involved.

Remember, this is just a fun activity to help you learn a little bit more about wine and what you do and don’t like.

Rarely do you get the opportunity to have a taste of so many bottles in a row, back to back, and have a conversation about them — so savor the moment!

Like your first meeting, have the group vote for their favorite bottle at the end of tasting and let the winner pick the next theme. (You can also just have everyone decide on the next theme as a group, but we thought it was fun to have our “winner” decide.)

Between Wine Ambassador social events, encourage your members that these are delicious wines and share their finds with the group at the next meeting.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to tell them to keep up with Wine Ambassador to continue their wine education online!

Wine Ambassador Social Theme Ideas

Wine Vineyard

Below are some sample theme ideas, but you should run with whatever the winner wants to learn more about!

This is a great way to give everyone an opportunity to have a say in the next night’s drinking adventure and will keep things interesting.

Plus, it’s fun to imagine your own themes.

Note that you may need to plan in advance when you have certain themes, like those that involve different countries.

When this happens, just split up the countries (or whatever else it may be) at your current meeting so that everyone is bringing a different bottle.

Wine Down Wednesday

Thursday Night Throw Down

Friday Night Wine Social

Most importantly have fun with this business!

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