My favorite 5 words are “Let God Fight My Battles”

Then came “Let Go, Let God”… Now It’sGod’s Got This

In the natural, you may not see a way, but that’s okay, we serve a supernatural God.

God will make things happen that you couldn’t make happen on your own.

What you’re facing may be bigger, stronger, more powerful.

You may not see a way out, but when you refuse to worry, refuse to live stressed out and afraid, and instead you stay in peace, thanking God that He’s in control, knowing that He’s fighting your battles, by your actions, you’re showing God that you’re trusting Him.

This is what allows Him to turn negative situations around.

Be inspired by this message from Joel, “God’s Got This”.

You Are Blessed & Highly Favored… You Have a Hedge of Protection Around You.

Now Stay In Faith & Know That It Always Works Out In God’s Timing.

God Bless You!





Brett Hudson