A lot of people don’t really understand what we are doing so i am going to try my best to explain it.

Let me break it down for you.

A LOT of people messaging me saying “But I already buy Ethereum/BitCoin so I’m good to go.”

Alright. Great.

May I explain how #ethereumcryptomining gets you Ethereum at wholesale and how much better you can make out?

Different “hashing rates” (or speed/rate of coin payouts) for different levels of mining contracts. The higher the contract amount (up to $5k increments, but as small as $500.) And everyone has different risk tolerance levels…some guys are coming in with $20,000, and a few at $2,000,000+. Begin with what you are comfortable with. For me it was $5000 total to start with.

To keep it simple I’ll use even numbers.

For example:

My $5000 mining contract will net me around 15-16 Ethereum coins in 1200 days. They are paid out about 5+ days a week in little Ethereum “chunks” into my Coinbase wallet. The “dollar value” varies like stock—it changes day to day. I can take it out and put it in my bank account and buy stuff, or I can leave it there. I have total control.

Lets say that Ethereum stays at $1000 per coin over the next 1200 days. Then I make around $15,000. ($1000×15) Not bad for a $5000 contract.

What if Ethereum dips to $500? I would have around $7500 ($500×15) ) from my $5000 mining contract , which is still NOT bad and better than just buying coins!!! If I had bought JUST coins my value would be $2500!!! I would’ve lost money!

COMPARE THIS to if I did what the vast majority of you are doing, and take that SAME $5000, and go and buy Ethereum, and it stays at $1000 …..then 1200 days from now (the length of the mining contract) you would still have $5000. You haven’t lost OR gained money.

Are you starting to see the magic here???

What if Ethereum doubles? Triples? We can’t predict the market, just like we can’t predict stocks!!!

Disclosure: ***Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results***

All indications point at Ethereum reaching $3-5K AND MUCH HIGHER over the next few years. At least that is what the experts are saying.

What if it reaches $3000? Then my $5000 coin purchase is now worth $45,000 (15 coins x $3,000). What if it goes to $5000/coin? Then my 15 coins are now worth $75,000. Had I just bought 5 coins with my $5000, I would have $25,000.

Do you see the beauty of this?

This just makes sense for me!


Who else likes to do more than stocks, bonds, or bank accounts?


I’m not a financial planner ….so you go do the math yourself. Only put in what you could comfortably LOSE, just like buying stocks!! We have no clue what the future holds….but I didn’t expect the banks and real estate market to crash in 2008 either!

Start Mining Ethereum Today!

NOTE: They’re working on ways to make this more streamlined and also to fund larger mining packages, as well. Please realize it’ll continue to get easier.

If you need any help, just ask.

Talk soon,

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