Seeds of Life…

Everyone of you has the seed of life within us.

Everyone of you already has everything you need to go out and do the great things you were meant to do.

Whatever that is, only you can do it.

You are unique.

You are one of a kind.

You are magnificent.

You are a child of the almighty GOD!

You offer something incredibly special to this world and only you are going to be able to bring it forward.

It’s your responsibility to bring it out and be that person that you were meant to be.

Remember to plants your seeds of life in good soil.

The most powerful force that you will ever learn about is the power of love.

God is Love!

I’m not talking about the love like for the person sitting next to you that you that you are feeling all good about.

I am talking about a love where you really, really care about others, you care about the world, you care that everyone has peace, happiness, joy and they live to their true potential.

Each and every person must do it for themselves and then you will help bring it out in everyone.

We all need each other to be able to do this.


God Bless

Brett Hudson