I see a few questions regarding hardware used in the mining and what it costs to setup a mining rig, and I want you to see the actual costs and value that you’re getting with ANY of these packs regardless of what you choose.

Here’s the typical costs it you were to setup your own Ethereum Crypto Mining rig.

AMD RX GPU’s run anywhere from $120 – $500 per graphics card depending on the series. (even the NVIDIA GPU’s are running 250-300 bucks a piece also depending on the series).

A motherboard that runs 3-6 graphic cards isn’t cheap either.

They’re probably running $400 to $500 bucks there as well.

Then they also list the CPU to run the system, memory, power supply, and SSD.

Which is probably running you another $500 – $1000 bucks EASILY.

So lets do the math:

3-6 AMD GPU’s: $720 – $3000

3-6 NVIDIA GPU’s: $1500-$1800

1 Motherboard $350-$500

1 CPU – $150-$500

X amount of RAM – $200-$500

SSD – $100 – 300

Total Cost: $1520 – $4800 bucks per mining rig.

That’s JUST for the mining rig.

Now you have maintenance costs if any of the equipment fails, the power consumption of all that equipment that runs 24x7x365, bandwidth if they need it, failover to keep you up and running while they repair your rig should it go down.

Protecting against viruses, and hackers from trying to hijack your stuff, and FOR 1200 DAYS.

Now you know why the mining costs are priced the way they are.

We have a better way!


1200 lease on a rig, zero maintenance cost and zero electric 🙂

1:1 Lease Contract to Mining Rig

No Pooling of Funds

Full transaction history report at end of 1200 days

Ethereum payments start appearing 10 days into your Coinbase or Blockchain wallet for 1200 consecutive days!

If you have any questions, let me know.

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