Can you really make money blogging about wine?

I’ve spoken with a lot of people over the past few months who blog, and ALL of them have one thing in common… well, all of them except the handful who are on track to make over 6 figures this year as a result of incorporating WINE into their existing blog.

What the bloggers are doing is simple, they are joining as Wine Ambassador reps. And, as reps they are positioned to receive their (4) bottles of delicious wines each and every month.

They then write about their experience of the wines while offering the club memberships to their readers….


Imaging being able to contact every person who’s has a blog and ask them if they like wine?

95% of the woman bloggers I speak with… love wine lol

With the “REFER 3 GET YOUR WINE FREE” it’s a super simple concept that is resonating with every woman I speak too…

Before I finish what I’m saying about the club, they have already rattled off the three names of who are going to join them in this cool Wine Club because they want to get these amazing wines for FREE. lol

They ALL want to make more money with their blog. And they all think they have to write more blog posts and drive more traffic in order to do so.  

However, that isn’t true.  

When I take a look at their current traffic flow, what they are writing about and the products they are promoting, one thing strikes me like the glaring sun:   The money is already there.  

They all have the potential for profit they want sitting in their blog NOW, however, they are simply not collecting it. Basically, it’s buried in their backyard and they haven’t gotten out the shovel.

… And the reason why is simple:    They do not know where to dig!  

And then, I tell them the simple things they need to be doing to collect that money every single month and how easy it is to write about our WINES.

And their jaws drop, because…

1. It’s simple and… 

2. They can’t believe they haven’t been doing it all along.

Are you blogging, but not seeing the money you want per month? Want to know how to make money blogging about WINE?

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You deserve to be here with us tonight, LIVE (click now)

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