I’ll bet you’ve heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” And repetition is, indeed, the mother of skill; you and I both know, you don’t become a master of something overnight!
When you learn by repetition, the skill set becomes a habit.
But you should note one very important thing! If you “practice” the wrong thing, you sow the wrong habit!
Practice – and correction – make perfect progress!
Unfortunately, quite often people pick up a skill and then assume they’ve already mastered it.
At that point, you stop being teachable. It’s a fantasy to think you only need to hear something once or twice, to fully get it.
And he who chases fantasies, has poverty waiting for him at the finish line.
It’s likely, along with many of us, you have made this mistake maybe even more than once! Next thing you know, you hit a wall or obstacle while pursuing that skill and generally just give up…
Simply because you think the process isn’t working.
Then you just throw that skill set, niche or even career path, down the drain because you don’t believe it’ll bring any success.
I’m not here to say you need to be persistent.
After all, we know doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is literally the definition of insanity.
You need to CORRECT and persist!
Once you begin achieving success and actually getting results whatever you’re doing is ;what you should repeat over and over.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking “mastering” something means you cannot continue to learn something new.
Our economy, our world, our message media are constantly changing.
Therefore, the need to refine your skills and craft is totally necessary for continued success!
If you have given up on something because you hit a wall… go back!
You have already been a witness to the fruits of your labors, you might just need to correct something in your process, to keep moving forward.
Unfortunately, 98% of the population will tie their failure to the marketplace, while 2% know there is plenty of money flowing to increase their profits.
It’s easy to get discouraged, but as long as you stay teachable and correct your errors and processes, your skills WILL improve.
I hope you enjoyed my message today and until next time 🙂
Have an amazing day unless you have other plans.
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God Bless