Every wine tells its own story and contributes to the human experience, according to the team at Wine Ambassador. During October, the organization’s wines are sending a message of hope and support to women who have survived and are living with breast cancer. All wine deliveries will, in fact, include a signature pink label and a portion of proceeds from those bottles will be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation at the close of the month.

Wine Ambassador is an exclusive fine wine club launched in 2018 by a group of serial entrepreneurs. Its members choose to become a Customer or an Ambassador.

Customers pay a monthly membership fee to have curated fine wines delivered to their door each month. Ambassadors can host wine tastings and make commissions on membership sales and earn other perks. The company is now also hosting virtual wine tastings for businesses to provide a means for employees to connect via sampling of Napa and Sonoma regional wines along with a presentation describing each selection.

“A large portion of our customer base is women, and we want them to know we are in their corner when it comes to issues that affect them,” explained Brett Hudson, President, Wine Ambassador. “Wine has a way of bringing people together, and we can think of no better cause to rally around.”

The statistics reinforce Hudson’s assertions that his customer base is significantly affected. The Wine Market Council estimates 60 percent of Americans who consume wine once or more a week are women, and women buy 80 percent of the wine sold in the country. Meanwhile, 13 percent of women in the U.S., or one in eight women, are at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes.

“The good news is that because so many organizations and individuals have joined forces over the years, more women are getting screenings and more money is going toward vital research, so the morbidity rate for breast cancer is declining. One in eight women may develop breast cancer, yet that also means that seven in eight will not. We want to be involved in continually improving those odds for the women who are part of our Wine Ambassador family,” he added.

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