Wine Revenue Snap On Model For Yacht Owners


Year after year, higher income individuals and college graduates in the United States name wine as their alcohol of choice. Or so says Gallup’s annual poll of American consumption habits. And nowhere is that inclination more evident than with the mega – rich – those with the kind of money associated with luxury items like yachts.

Wine Ambassador, based in Napa, California, caters to exactly that clientele and recently announced the launch, so to speak, of its fine wine deliveries to those who own these vessels both domestically and internationally.

Wine Ambassador is an exclusive fine wine club celebrating its third anniversary.

Its founders are a group of entrepreneurial-minded friends that includes Napa Valley winemakers, a vineyard owner, a cheese maker and marketers who each know a thing or two about fine wines, wine pairings, consumer habits and, as importantly, how to deliver their varietals around the world.

The business started in the U.S. but fast expanded its reach internationally to meet a leap in demand for “direct-to-consumer” delivery of fine wines, particularly from the Napa and Sonoma regions.

“Affluent individuals have discerning taste in wine and those who spend time on yachts expect a ready supply of their favorite beverages on hand.

We not only know our wines but we understand the unique logistical challenges faced by chief stews who are responsible for sourcing and securing supply deliveries on tight and non-flexible time frames,” explained Brett Hudson, President of Wine Ambassador.

“We also recognized there was an opportunity for these same Wine Ambassador clients to incorporate our newest program “Wine To Yachts. This now gives the yacht owners their own wine club and exclusive wine tastings onboard for their charter guests. That has already sparked significant interest,” he added.  

Wine Ambassador continues to add to it’s alternating selections of carefully curated wines along with its own signature collection GRANDCRU that includes: Hudson Sparkling, Ricord Merlot, Antoniou Cabernet, Flyer Pinot, Freedom Chardonnay, AVP Blend, Tanya Rose, More Than Muse and many others.

With the organization’s Fine Wine Club, clients can choose to be Customers or Ambassadors.

Customers pay a monthly fee to have curated wines delivered to their door each month. When they refer just three friends as club members, they in return get their wine at no charge. Tasting notes accommodate each delivery, which features foods that would pair nicely with each delicious varietal.

Yacht Owners who choose to become a Wine Ambassador have the opportunity to turn drinking and learning about wine with guests or friends into a revenue-generator.

They can make commissions on sales and get support tools that include their own website, QR codes designed to sign up passengers easily, analytics and a Visa® debit card to help them seamlessly manage their business.

GRANDCRU members get exclusive access to our yearly CRUSHIT wine event in our Napa vineyards every September.

“Many owners offer charters when they are not aboard their vessels. The Wine Club is not only a fun extra available to their guests but has the added benefit of providing what I like to call a Revenue Snap On Model,” Hudson stressed.

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