As the pandemic stretches on and working from home becomes more the norm, companies are left in a conundrum: How do they keep employees engaged? One of the options some in the Fortune 500 are choosing is Wine Ambassador’s virtual wine tastings. The social events are aimed at providing a means for their teams to stay connected, have some fun, and even provide opportunities for ongoing get-togethers.

Wine Ambassador was launched in 2018 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with expertise in the direct to consumer wine industry. It is an exclusive fine wine club whereby people can choose to become a Customers or an Ambassador Representative. Customers pay a monthly fee to have curated hand-selected Napa & Sonoma fine wines bottled by Wine Ambassador and delivered directly to their door each month. Wine Ambassador reps promote wine club membership and make commissions on the membership sales. The corporate virtual wine tastings are an extension of their Ambassador events and encompass a sampling of wines from the Napa and Sonoma regions, a presentation describing each selection and most importantly, the opportunity to connect – safely.

“Wine has always brought people together and that does not have to change because of COVID-19, we just need to find new ways to gather. The virtual tastings have proven to be a hit with organizations that recognize how remote work settings can lead to isolation and loneliness for their employees, which in turn affects communication and productivity,” explained Brett Hudson, President, Wine Ambassador. “Wine Ambassador is getting amazing feedback from those attending the corporate tastings and that reinforces Wine Ambassador credo stressing wine as an important part of the human experience.”

The broad appeal of wine and people’s interest in understanding the different kinds of wine have been big reasons that employers are going the virtual tasting route. In fact, 49 percent of Americans of legal drinking age consume wine as compared to 26 percent who drink other alcohol and 25 percent who do not drink alcohol.

“Even non-drinkers seem to enjoy these events for the communal factor as well as the educational component, which is a big part of the experience. That general knowledge is always good to have and comes in handy when entertaining guests,” Hudson added.

Wine Ambassador’s exclusive fine wine club has expanded exponentially in recent months. It now ships to several countries and its team of Ambassador’s continue to grow as individuals look for new ways to work from home. For more information about Wine Ambassador or their “Virtual Wine Tastings,” go to

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