First of all you might be asking what is a trend and how do I spot one?

Identifying trends is an important skill set which is instrumental in finding opportunities to elevate performance.

Having taken a couple of successful companies public in the past. One of the key reasons that both of them were successful was the fact that they were positioned in front of the trends respectfully.

I remember that if you can position yourself in front of a trend then you can ride the upward momentum which leads me to this blog post.

My partners and I have positioned our wine company in front of one of the fastest growing trends in the world which is the direct to consumer (DTC) wine trend.

This trend has been growing steady from 2017 at 4% to well over 14% today and this trend will continue to climb as more and more consumers elect to have the convenience of their wine being delivered directly to their door each month.

We deliver the “Tasting Rooms of Napa & Sonoma” direct to the consumers door each month and we as a company have been growing and trending upward for the last two years.

As a matter of fact, we grew 28% in the month of April and we will continue to grow with our Wine Ambassador’s!

“The Trend Is Your Friend”Brett Hudson


Timing & Positioning is Key!

At the end of the day, timing is up to you.

You Make Your Own Economy.

It doesn’t matter if you have all right the cards working for you, if you don’t get out there and get it done, no timing in the world is going to help you.

To Your Success!

Brett Hudson