Today, right before I flew
to New York for one of the most
magical experiences of my life, 
I sent out this message to thousands
of people who have been following
me online.
Below is exactly what I sent.
Read it and when it makes sense,
I will show you the way <—
Brett Hudson
Living The Dream
Work Directly with Me Here 
It’s Thursday morning and I’m sitting
in the airport right now, waiting for
my flight to visit a bunch of Leaders
on my Team in New York.
Exactly one year ago, I decided to take
a leap of faith, and join our Marketing Team <— (smart)
I had a chance to speak on stage, 
at our official launch in Las Vegas and
in just 12 months, I have personally
enrolled 135 amazing people and, 
am getting to speak again on stage in
New York.
I first watched this video <—
Then, I signed up here <—
[I swears it was the BEST thing
I have ever done for myself]
So, anyway, before I board my
plane for this trip to New York, 
I was enjoying a nice hot cup of Joe
in the Palm Beach International airport,
and hopped onto Facebook real quick
to just put out a quick status update.
So here’s my message to you today: 
If YOU have been waiting for
that ONE person, with an entire
Team behind them, to show you
the way, to introduce you to
something that can change YOUR
life in a way that NOTHING else
possibly can…
… do the smart thing, like I
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We are launching our business this
weekend Version 2.0 and it is going to be…
But you must become a Member
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amazing potential that it offers
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And don’t worry…
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There are plenty of people out there
looking for a new way to break
OUT of the box of traditional
thinking, and into the World of
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And THIS is exactly what they
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So, if YOU are ready to get paid
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Make sure that you see one or all
of these pages:
This Video explains how to begin
Wine Ambassador <—
… that has nearly 40,000 Members,
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Wine Ambassador Version 2.0!

It is coming,

and it’s
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the Internet, FOREVER!
Imagine using this to make money
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Imagine being able to blog as 
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