Creative Intelligence allows us to tap into the unconscious mind through the doorway of Faith and thereby links us directly to the mind of Infinite Intelligence.

When someone excitedly says “I have an idea,” many times this is a gift from above and not of our own creating.

Keep a daily journal, when you have a thought or an idea pause momentarily, grab a pen and paper and write it down so that you can mull it over later.

Faith provides the imagination with the stimulative capacity of desire and enthusiasm with which one’s plans and purposes may be given action.

Through faith in yourself, anyone can achieve any goal they so desire.

Henry Ford once was asked what type of men he needed most for his company. “I could use a hundred men who don’t know there is such a word as ‘impossible’ he replied.

Truly, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Your imagination will help you achieve success if you give it a chance.

Once it has done its work, you alone can apply the faith and will power to make your dreams come true.

You Deserve It…So Live Your Dreams! Get Started NOW!

“This year I will turn my my goal into my reality, I can do this” – BH

To Your Success!

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